"Katherine helps you uplevel your rates.  She will catch you on your own objections…highly intelligent...a master on all levels.  She was critical in helping me land my first $25,000 client.  She is inspiring, you want this level of quality coaching for your business." - A. Noelle, Aphrodite University

"Kath is a better coach than my previous coach of five years with two coaching certificates and a PhD.  She can get you to do things you never thought you could do.  I doubled my rates, and I am in constant demand for speaking gigs because of one thing she said.  She knows how to help you get the income you want." - K. Wise, SCI Business Group

"Katherine is the support necessary to maintain focus on the manifestation of your goal, easily overpowering any other pattern that could have blocked your success.  Multiple connections now are opening opportunities to a steady flow of clients - not just any clients, but the ones I actually want to work with." - A. Chitjian, Manifest with Armine

How to thrive in your business

What's the difference between earning $50 and $1500 per hour?  Just one thing: Education.  Kath trains entrepreneurs to know their value in the marketplace and how to position themselves so they can serve more ideal clients and be compensated handsomely.

Her work is truly transformational...and not for the faint of heart.  She only accepts clients who are dedicated to their spiritual and financial growth and are willing to commit the time, energy and resources to make that happen.

Next Steps...

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