My Work

When people ask me why I coach people to help them make more money, my answer is because I can't not.  I have worked in counseling and business creation my entire working life and making others happy by helping them reach their goals in my passion.  I could do nothing else.  Everywhere I look people are wanting to create their own business, to shun a single boss and serve more, and maybe most importantly, to be fully creatively expressed.  This is where I excel.

Meet Katherine

Katherine started her spiritual journey at 19 when she cured herself of major depression through meditation.  This intensive discipline led her to own several successful businesses including a million dollar real estate investment company.  Her true joy, though, is helping others succeed in their own creative ventures.  She developed a unique 8-step process to take business owners from good to great in their chosen field.  With over 15 years’ experience coaching and counseling, Katherine knows the importance of accountability and taking inspired action to change her client’s future.  Her current passion is helping women entrepreneurs get their gifts out into the world, expand their capacity to serve, and to learn to receive well.

Katherine is an engaging and enlightening speaker.  Participants leave Katherine's presentations with many tools and tips to start making positive changes in their business and life that can have immediate and long-term benefits.

Katherine can be seen on YouTube and posts regularly on Facebook and Twitter.

Having lived in Europe and Canada as a child, Katherine finally found her home on the west coast.  She earned her BA Degree cum laude in Cross-Cultural Communications and her Masters in Spiritual Psychology.  Katherine lives in Los Angeles.


Next Steps...

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